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From the Human's Perspective...

The number one reason I like the SET Method is the student always gets an answer to WHY they are doing something. Each step is thoroughly explained with regard to how it relates to what the student wants to do with their horse in the future.

Dee teaches a solid foundation. From there, she builds a knowledge base that enables the student to develop a relationship of mutual respect with their horse.

In all the years I have been participating, observing, listening and learning with Dee, I have consistently seen horses respond positively and I have never seen a lesson end in failure!


GA, Florida

I have been a student of Dee's for over 17 years. I will continue to be her student for as long as she teaches because I know that her paramount concern is for the horse. She is the most committed teacher to the horse's perspective that I have ever known.
She always has new information to teach because she is always striving to learn more from the horse's point of view.

After every set of lessons, I say to myself, "I will never ride the same again!" and my horse truly appreciates the growth.


DS, Florida

I have had the privilege of riding with many masters and legends in the horse world and Dee is both student and master. Her skill in reading horses is remarkable and she has enabled me to work with my horse in a way that is pleasing to us both.


RSF, Florida

The SET Method is challenging, thought provoking, horse friendly and horse logical. Dee's energy is a breath of fresh air to those of us who desire to maximize our horse's potential, while preserving the integrity of our relationship with them.
Even those with many years experience are benefiting from her single-minded purpose to advance and enhance our horsemanship skills, with our horses being the ultimate winners.

It's the way I always thought it could be!


MJB, Michigan

Thank you for always encouraging growth in your students...


ML, Michigan

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