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SET Virtual Classrooms

On-line learning opportunities abound on the Facebook/SimpleEquineTeaching page

and in FB private groups and classrooms.


•  SET Group shares entertaining antecdotes, videos and pictures of students with their horses. Open to past and present students of Simple Equine Teaching.


•  SET Method is a group for contining education with students who are active in Simple Equine Teaching on a monthly basis. This group delves into the meat of the SET Method with training tips and advice, shared through doc files, posts, notes, diagrams, patterns, photos and videos.


•  The SET Method Seminar 1--usually taught over two days in a classroom--is available in the SET Virtual Classrooms on Facebook. Packed with "how-to" teaching, this series--15 classrooms total--dives into "where it all begins" as students learn From The Horse's Perspective about how horses think and how they willingly respond to a handler. The Introductory Classroom is FREE!


Students who are unable to regularly visit Braelan Farm in Florida have several continuing education options:


1.  Video Lessons - Submit stable, focused video (a tripod is highly recommended). A phone or email lesson is returned with full instructions.


2.  Email Lessons - What would you like to learn? Many long distance students use this consulting service.

Bonus = file the email lessons in a folder to start building your own SET Method Training Manual.


3.  Phone Consults - Several students ring me regularly to discuss topics of interest. These sessions often develop into inspiration discussions on "what-should-I-do-next?".

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