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Working Equitation Training


I have 47 years experience starting colts and training horses through the advanced levels.

My current emphasis is classical dressage and Vaquero Bridle Horses for Working Equitation.


I start (and re-start) horses using the foundational elements of Soft, Round, Through, Self-Carried and Connected. Over the required four months of colt starting, training begins with groundwork and builds toward solid fundamentals under saddle.


Starting with halt, walk, trot, canter and rein back, I progress through the basics of lateral - beginning with the clear separation of hindquarters and forehand through turns on the hind and fore, and shoulder fore at walk and trot. I also introduce the Working Equitation obstacles. These movements, along with getting out and about, provide the horse with the necessary mental, emotional and physical balance to continue his intermediate education.


Intermediate Education emphasizes lightness through strength and balance onto the hindquarters. This is the beginning of moderate collection and includes smooth transitions, trot down to simple changes, pirouettes, more advanced lateral work (shoulder in, travers/renvers, half pass, and full pass) at walk, slow trot, and possibly canter. The more advanced Working Equitation obstacles are introduced.


Advanced Education continues the theory of true collection--sitting haunches low with hocks well-bent underneath. At this stage the horse is introduced to proper muscling and strengthening exercises that allow them to remain happy and healthy during this strenuous work. Half and quarter steps are introduced through piaffe and then passage. The canter pirouettes are refined, along with flying changes down to one-tempis on the zig-zag. Double bridles or spades are used at this stage, as the upper levels of classical dressage (not the competitive version one sees in the Olympics) and Vaquero Bridle Horses are amazingly similar in their requirements. If desired, the Speed and Cow phases of Working Equitation are taught at this level.


Working Equitation Training

Working Equitation is an exciting discipline that is sweeping the globe. I offer training and instruction in this valuable sport. Current students have won multiple Championships up to the Intermediate A level.


The discipline of Working Equitation was created by Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France to promote horses who work livestock. Now many countries are represented.

American horsemen of all disciplines are embracing this new sport as it encompasses:

The precision of Dressage

The trainability of Ease of Handling, in which the horse is ridden through a series of obstacles that are often encountered when working on a farm or ranch.

A Speed phase through those same obstacles.

And at the Regional and National levels, a Cow Trial, which is similar to team penning.


Even if one does not compete, Working Equitation has something to offer everyone who enjoys riding.



Problem Solving


Have you ever experienced problems with horses? Most people have. The SET Method offers reliable long term correction through training and/or instruction.


References are available.

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