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I travel regularly for lessons, work shops, and clinics. The format is determined by the number of students

and what they wish to accomplish.

Lessons are geared toward the rider's interests - Basic through Advanced. Topics can include Working Equitation, Dressage, Problem Solving Techniques, or other interests.

Work Shops are more in-depth, one to two-days, and cover same as above both in the classroom and under saddle.

Clinics are mounted, intensive learning experiences, and run three to five days.

New Clients - 

Many new clients start in the classroom with SET Seminar 1. This two-day experience is the foundation of The SET Method and teaches the core philosophies and values that handlers need to understand the equine mind. After attending this Seminar, students revel in their newfound ability to understand horses and solve difficulties.


Also Lessons, Training, Work Shops, and Clinics are offered at Braelan Farm, a full service Dressage/Working Equitation facility located in Dunnellon, FL.


Remote Clients -

Students who are unable to visit Braelan Farm or make arrangements for travel have several continuing education options:


1.  Video Instruction - Submit an email to along with smooth, zoomed-in, and sharply focused video (a tripod is highly recommended) and a full set of instructions is returned via email.


2.  Email Instruction - What would you like to learn? Many long distance students use this consulting service.

Bonus = file the email lessons in a binder to start building your own SET Method Training Manual.


3.  Phone Consults - Several students call me regularly to discuss topics of interest. These sessions often develop into inspiration discussions on "what-should-I-do-next?".

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