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Hi, I'm Dee Janelle. I've been training horses and riders for 47 years.

Who am I? I am a barrier breaker. I tear them down between horses and their owners, between disciplines, between old and new concepts. I do this because they get in the way of learning, and let's face it... horses are enough of a challenge without adding a bunch of barriers to slow us down.

Here are a few examples of my barrier busting ideas:


        English vs Western

        That Horse Can't Do That!

        Horses Are Stupid

        Pulling vs Pushing

        Intent Energy = Use This Aid First

        Starting vs Breaking

        Dressage Horses Can't Work Cows!

-- -- --


The English vs Western Barrier - I ride all the English disciplines, and some of the Western ones, too, it just depends upon the task at hand. The thing to remember about breaking down this barrier is that the horse doesn't care what costume you, (or they) are outfitted with, as long as that gear fits them comfortably. Horses don't care if their saddle has a horn or not. Horses don't care if their rider is wearing bluejeans or breeches. What the horse cares about, is being able to lower their hindquarters and lift their back, shoulders, and neck to best perform athletically underneath you.

BARRIER BREAKER! No one discipline is better than another. All it depends upon is the job at hand.


What job are you going to do today? Wear the appropriate costume and ride the horse Soft, Round, Through, Self-Carried, and Connected. (Read the explanation here)

Oh! And remember... have FUN!

...more later...

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